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Friday, February 18, 2005


Missing Pleading (Clerk's Office Signed Certified Return Receipt)

The following information was communicated to the FBI, Chief Judge, Clerk of Court and ACLU on Nov. 19, 2003.

November 19, 2003

Honorable Chief Judge
Donette W. Ambrose
Robert Barth, Jr.
United States District Court
Western District Pennsylvania
1036 U.S. Post Office & Courthouse
Pittsburgh, Pa 15219
Via Facsimile (NUMBER REMOVED)

Federal Bureau of Investigation
Duty Agent
3311 E. Carson Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15203

Witold Walczak
American Civil Liberties Union
Greater Pittsburgh Chapter
313 Atwood Street
Pittsburgh, Pa 15213
(Information Removed)

RE: Formal Complaint

Dear Chief Judge Donetta W. Ambrose:

(Information Removed)

(1) On November 5, 2003, (NAME REMOVED) signed a U.S. Mail Return
Receipt, 7003 2260 0003 3717 9172. However, the mail, for a second
time, wasn't processed by the Office of the Clerk for the Western
District of Pennsylvania. That is the pleading wasn't docketed and the
mail has since disappeared.

(2) I placed an identification note on the mail specifically addressed
to the clerk's office to distinguish it from the courtesy copy mailed
specifically to Judge Cercone's chambers.

(3) The clerk's office denied the mail was received.

(4) The judge's chambers acknowledged receipt of the pleading, but
said "nothing could be done because a copy of the pleadings wasn't
first docketed with the Clerk's office."

(5) Later, the clerk's office suggested in defense of the missing
mail, that I had only sent mail to Judge Cercone (unaware that I had
placed an identification note on the pleadings).

(Information Removed)

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